Naturopathic Midwives of Bellingham

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Naturopathic Midwives

Dr. Kimberley Bauer and Dr. Tamar N. Lieb are naturopathic midwives providing compassionate and outstanding care throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County. We provide individualized naturopathic healthcare for the whole family: men, women, and children of all ages. As naturopathic midwives, we have a special emphasis on women’s health, midwifery and pediatrics. We help your family build a strong foundation; guiding and supporting you to make healthy choices for the whole family.
Naturopathic midwives are the most extensively trained natural childbirth providers available to you and your family. We  provide you with safe and effective midwifery care and full family natural health care. From preconception and infertility counseling through newborn and pediatric care, ongoing well woman and menopause concerns, naturopathic midwives are healthcare providers for all seasons of your family’s health care needs.
To schedule free midwifery and pediatric consults, contact us at (360) 384-2900 or

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