Naturopathic Midwives of Bellingham


Kimberley Bauer ND, LM, CPM and Tamar Lieb ND, LM, CPM offer comprehensive midwifery care for pregnant women and their families at London Health Center, including preconception, prenatal, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. We attend births throughout Whatcom County and at the Bellingham Birth Center.

Our philosophy is that birth is a normal physiological process which is often a sacred life-changing event. Our practice is rooted in the belief that compassionate and gentle care will help facilitate a peaceful birthing experience for your growing family. Midwifery care values the woman’s right to participate in her own childbearing experience.  Therefore, we strive to educate our patients throughout pregnancy and in their journey as new parents.

In addition to being Licensed Midwives, we are Naturopathic Physicians specializing in holistic primary care for the whole family at London Health Center in Ferndale, WA.  We enjoy working with a diversity of families, and have flourishing adult and pediatric practices.  As naturopathic midwives, we are uniquely qualified to offer the full scope of family care during the childbearing years.

Our preconception care supports both partners become the healthiest versions of themselves prior to achieving pregnancy. We will work with women to regulate their menstrual cycles, teach them how to know when they are ovulating, and optimize their chances of getting pregnant. We also have natural ways to increase sperm count, motility, and morphology, and to ensure that the interaction between egg and sperm are healthy and productive.  We specialize in working with couples who are having trouble conceiving, and perform inseminations.

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